Fan Assisited Radiators with running costs you would only obtain via under floor heating

Why Use Fan Coil Radiator Units?

The ideal emitter for an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is Under Floor Heating (UFH). This is because an ASHP normally produces the heating medium (water and glycol) at around 35°C.  But, where you cannot use UFH for practical, aesthetic or design reasons, you need an emitter that will operate at those temperatures.  Using standard radiators can be the solution but they would have to be massively (up to 680%) oversized to meet MCS guidance.

Our fan coil units are designed to work efficiently with lower flow temperatures and to disperse the thermal energy across each room although they work equally well with traditional boilers.  In fact, they are up to 300% more efficient than a standard radiator. We decided to design our own Fan Coil Units because we thought that the ones we had been installing for clients were too bulky, too noisy and too expensive.  So, our units are slim-line, quiet and very competitively priced.

If you already have a hot water cylinder like a Megaflo® the great news is that you can still use our Ecocent™ technology!  We have a stand alone Ecocent Energy  product which extracts the heat just like a normal Ecocent™ but pumps it into your existing cylinder – so now you can benefit from efficient methods of hot water heating whatever your situation!

Our new fan coil radiators the HS G1 series oozes a contemporary look with its glass front and curved edges. Slimline and quiet, not to mention extraordinarily efficient, this fan assisted convector radiator is the perfect addition to the modern home or office, especially one that uses renewable energy such as ASHP (air source heat pump) technology. Before you fit radiators talk to us about the HS G1 series first.

A wonderful by-product of using an Ecocent™ to efficiently heat your hot water is the cool air that has had the heat extracted. This can either be vented outside, or alternatively back into your house to provide cool air! It’s true it’s not quite like air conditioning because of course it only works while it’s heating up the water, but as a bonus side effect it’s marvellous! If it’s in a commercial environment – just think of the opportunities… you can extract the heat from a busy commercial kitchen, use that otherwise nuisance energy to heat the hot water for use in the kitchen in the sinks and dishwashers, and vent the cool dry air back into other parts of the kitchen where a cool breeze makes the environment more comfortable. Win-win-win!!!



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