Why the GOVNA? Why do I need a voltage Optimiser?

From the moment we install your GOVNA you will be saving up to 15% on your power use. The GOVNA works by providing a voltage which is closer to the design parameters of electrical appliances. To protect your electrical appliances from over voltage as well as save costs. The GOVNA is SAFE, EFFICIENT and RELIABLE. Third party tested beyond British standards for in excess of 8 hours at 60 amps continuous load. Many other manufactures quote 40 amp capacity with a 60 amp over run for very short periods. Our tests revealed that many competitors were using transformers not suited for continuous loads of even 30 amps!

The GOVNA Voltage Optimiser can be installed in less than 1 hour and will provide savings for many years to come


Please Note: The GOVNA must be installed by QUALIFIED ELECTRICIANS.

Save up to 15% on your electricity with GOVNA Voltage Optimisation

Installed in less than 1 hour and will provide savings for many  years to come (25 to 30 years expected lifetime). Protected with a full no quibble 5 year warranty. The GOVNA (general over voltage negating appliance)has been  developed with our manufacturing partners in the UK. Our goal is simply to assist you in reducing your electricity bills and protecting your household in the least invasive way.

Benefits of the GOVNA Voltage Optimiser

  • Small in size, light in weight and simplicity of operation making it the most efficient and reliable Voltage Optimiser available on the market
  • Reduces household demand by restricting voltage to a voltage closer to the appliances optimal design parameter
  • Reduces Carbon footprint
  • In most cases it will pay back the end-user within 5 years.
  • Extends the useful operating life of household appliances
  • Over current protection/Under Voltage protection/Over Temp. Protection
  • It can be fitted in under 1 hour and doesn’t require switching providers
  • Increases household safety as prolonged over voltage can cause appliances to overheat or even catch re and preserves landll by preserving appliances
  • It is non invasive and requires no behavioural change to display results
  • Cool running through natural air movement, so negates the requirement for additional moving parts, i.e. fan
  • Over 4 years development and testing of all design functionality, with Patent Pending transformer design ensuring extremely low losses even on small loads
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain


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Optimising Renewable Technology

The GOVNA has been designed with today’s renewable technologies in mind. Many of the appliances on the market today are rated at 220 to 230V. However many solar inverters produce voltages higher! This causes appliances to fail prematurely and consume more energy during their lifetime. Given the average household in the UK has more than £7000 of appliances we believe it is paramount to protect your valuable possessions.

By reducing the electrical demand we are increasing the return on investment on Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Biomass and LED lighting. So let the GOVNA optimise the efficiency of your renewables, protect your appliances and save you money.