MCS Approved Direct Hot Water Cylinders with Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are brilliant at being very frugal with using energy. Our ASHPs are no different and can efficiently provide the required heating to your home or office. Unfortunately, despite what some people may tell you… they’re not very good at providing BOTH heating AND Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

Why use for your hot water?

The problem is that space heating systems are designed to run at the lowest possible temperature commensurate with delivering sufficient heat to keep you warm.  All ASHPs can do this.  But… if you use the same heat pump to heat your DHW, it has to run at temperatures sufficient to heat that water to the required storage temperature (normally around 55°C) then raise it to 60°C periodically to meet legislation concerning pasteurization.

As this happens, all available energy is diverted for this purpose and no heat will be going into your home.  Not only that, but the ASHP will work harder than normal to reach the required temperatures and may even require a ‘boost’ from an immersion heater.

Heating and Cooling ?

We believe that it’s a waste of energy and is ‘hard’ on the heat pumps.  So we don’t do it if we can avoid it. Instead, we use waste energy from your home or, indeed, commercial premises, to heat your DHW. Our units sit INSIDE your house and extract energy from the warm, moist air that you would normally pay to eject from your bathrooms and kitchens via an extractor fan.

The units extracts the energy (and, by the way, the moisture) and uses that energy to heat your DHW leaving cold, dry air to be exhausted outside or diverted for background cooling elsewhere in your property.  It’s a win-win; save on DHW production, save on extraction costs!

We have units suitable for every situation from small flats (our 100 litre) to large houses and commercial properties; Our Heat Pump Cylinders work well as grouped-units so large capacity is no problem.

A wonderful by-product of using our units to efficiently heat your hot water is the cool air that has had the heat extracted. This can either be vented outside, or alternatively back into your house to provide cool air! It’s true it’s not quite like air conditioning because of course it only works while it’s heating up the water, but as a bonus side effect it’s marvelous !

If it’s in a commercial environment – just think of the opportunities… you can extract the heat from a busy commercial kitchen, use that otherwise nuisance energy to heat the hot water for use in the kitchen in the sinks and dishwashers, and vent the cool dry air back into other parts of the kitchen where a cool breeze makes the environment more comfortable.

If you already have a hot water cylinder like a Megaflo® the great news is that you can still use our  technology!  We have a stand alone  product which connects into your existing cylinder – so now you can benefit from efficient methods of hot water heating whatever your situation.