Mono Bloc Heat Pumps

These all-in-one (mono bloc) units are built using ‘best in class’ components and are offered at ‘factory gate’ prices.

Our inverter-driven units use DC brushless motors and highly advanced controls to match the heat demand of your building accurately. The technology also allows for a faster response (and start-up) time and low start-up currents.

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Picture shows Varimax 13KW to 20KW

Delivering 4-20kW of variable power running on single phase supply(One fan version 4KW to 12KW.Twin fan unit as above 13KW to 20 the units comply with all relevant European standards (including EN1451) both in terms of operating efficiency and manufacturing process; Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 accredited.

Benefits of Mono Bloc Heat Pumps

  • Cheaper to buy and install
  • Internet Control
  • Best Value for money unit on the market from 4KW to 17KW

Things to consider

  • Need Anti Freeze as water leaves the home and returns via the unit outside
  • Needs to be near hours to avoid heat loss

Why an ECOCENT and Heat Pump Make Perfect Sense

Beware the claims that an air source heat pump will replace your boiler. ASHPs are really efficient when they are running your heating system – especially when it comes to things like under floor heating (UFH) or fan coil radiators – as they work at a lower temperature than a conventional radiator.

As the outdoor temperature cools, so the ASHP pumps have to work a little harder to make up the difference. If the water temperature demands are low, such as with UFH, then the pumps can easily take this in their stride even when it’s literally freezing outside! BUT… if an installer claims they can provide domestic hot water for your taps, then tread very carefully.

While yes, technically they can do that, to be effective the poor old pumps have to work their socks off, especially in cold weather, and really aren’t brilliant at providing both hot water and heating water at the same time. It’s not good practice – not only does the equipment wear much faster, but it’s also inefficient. Luckily – we have the answer! Take a look at our ECOCENT AND FAN COIL RADIATORS and – prepare to be amazed.

Air source heat pumps are brilliant at being very frugal with using energy. Our ASHPs are no different and can efficiently provide the required heating to your home or office.  Unfortunately, despite what some people may tell you… they’re not very good at providing BOTH heating AND Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

The problem is that space heating systems are designed to run at the lowest possible temperature commensurate with delivering sufficient heat to keep you warm.  All ASHPs can do this, but if you use the same heat pump to heat your DHW, it has to run at temperatures sufficient to heat that water to the required storage temperature (normally around 55°C) then raise it to 60°C periodically to meet legislation concerning pasteurization.

As this happens, all available energy is diverted for this purpose and no heat will be going into your home.  Not only that, but the ASHP will work harder than normal to reach the required temperatures and may even require a ‘boost’ from an immersion heater.

Our Ecocents make Eco sense

We believe that it’s a waste of energy and is ‘hard’ on the heat pumps.  So we don’t do it if we can avoid it.  Instead, we use waste energy from your home or, indeed, commercial premises, to heat your DHW.  Our Ecocent™ units sit INSIDE your house and extract energy from the warm, moist air that you would normally pay to eject from your bathrooms and kitchens via an extractor fan.  The Ecocent™ extracts the energy (and, by the way, the moisture) and uses that energy to heat your DHW leaving cold, dry air to be exhausted outside or diverted for background cooling elsewhere in your property.  It’s a win-win; save on DHW production, save on extraction costs!

When you’re considering who to use to install your system, please consider this: no one knows our systems better than we do, no one has more experience of installing our systems and no one else can take responsibility for the holistic design from ASHP and Ecocent for performance for the UFH layout and also interface with other compatible systems.

Our in-house design team will take you through the complexities of the Heat Load Calculations required by MIS 3005 – you need this to claim any grants available under the Government’s RHI – and the audio calculations required by Building Regulations.