Manufactured in the UK

The next generation heating solution – giving efficient heating that emits radiant heat comparable to sun rays

  • AC or DC Voltage

  • From 12 to 36 volts

  • Bespoke Systems

  • For Walls

  • Under Floor

  • Under Tiles

  • For Ceilings

  • Embedded in Plaster Board

  • Embedded in Desks

Extremely high energy efficiency

The warmth of the sunrays is immediately noticeable and pleasant on the skin

It is precisely this effect that ensures that comfortable warmth and agreeable temperatures can be reached so much faster with NexGen.

By using it, health, too, is promoted: Room air remaining cool and absent dust whirls together produce an enjoyable climate, in which not just allergy sufferers will feel more comfortable.

Easy to Install & Fit

NexGen stands for natural radiant heat, which promotes health and enhances living comfort.

A new heating technology that is extremely efficient: constructed of ultra-thin heating foils that releases heat directly into the room.

These very thin heating foils are unobtrusive and can be installed easily in the floor, wall or ceilings, with no electrical expertise required.

NexGen: Installation Process

Ski Lodges
160 Houses Germany
Office Installations
Apartments Refurbishment
Shop Within Hotel Complex
Wall Install Ready for Painting

How Can We Help ?

We are the Manufacturer for NexGen Heating

We welcome enquiries from all industries and those looking to install this cutting edge, next generation heating solution –  ideal for both home and commercial environments in the office.

Simply send us details of your project floor plan and ceiling height and we will generate a quote to include cost installed and the cost of running your NexGen heating.

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Simply send us details of your project, floor plan and ceiling height.