The Problem Surefire solves

Boilers waste energy and often fire up needlessly, when there is still enough heat within the system.

Surefire is the smart alternative and saves you having to fit a new boiler. With rising energy costs, this is a ‘surefire’ way you can save money with an environmentally friendly solution.

By adding intelligence and enhancing your existing boiler, it changes how and when your boiler burns fuel, thus maintaining desired temperatures more efficiently.

Benefits Of Surefire

Energy saving up to 20%

Compatible with most gas or oil fired boilers

Same comfort & temperature experienced before installation

Quick, and easy to install

Reduces Carbon Dioxide emissions

3 year warranty

Manufactured to ISO 9000 standards & CE marked

How does Surefire work?

1. Boilers often fire up unnecessarily, when there is still plenty of heat within the system.

2. Dry cycling causes excess heat to be wasted via the boiler flue;  this occurs when the boiler is re-heating water that is already hot enough in temperature

3. In a standard boiler system it’s designed to work most efficiently with an 11°C difference between the flow and return water temperatures (e.g. out at 66°C and return at 55°C). The boiler setting is fixed and usually set to cater for the coldest external temperatures.

Documents & Manuals

Installation Manual

Tech Report

Installation Guide